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169-100 One Arm Drive, Left Hand Drive, 24" Pneumatic Wheels

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169-100 One Arm Drive, Left Hand Drive, 24" Pneumatic Wheels
Product Details
Double Hand Rim, One Arm Drive for Manual Wheelchairs

Drive Hand: Left Hand Drive Control

Tire Type: Pneumatic Tires

Wheel Size: 24" Wheels

There are many different setbacks of conventional manual wheelchairs. They are not very functional for users who lack the use of one hand or one arm. We want to tell you a little bit about the advantages of one arm drives. In many different situations one arm drives are the best option for you. We’ve seen many people who lack the use of one of their hands or arms looking to buy a power wheelchair. A big issue that you will find when looking at your power wheelchair options is that they are very expensive. Using power wheelchairs also may lead to faster weight gain and portability issues.

Manual wheelchairs now have this great new accessory available for them that will benefit everyone who lacks the use of one hand or arm. One arm drives are designed for people who would prefer the advantages of a manual wheelchair that is lightweight and folding. One arm drives can be used on both sides of the wheelchair.

If you need to have both two hand rims on the same side of the wheelchair that control the rear wheels on both side, a double hand rim one arm drive will work perfectly. The inner and smaller hand rim controls the wheel on the opposite side of the chair and the outer and larger hand rim controls the wheel on the equal side of the wheelchair.

When you want to move in a straight line, the user must grip both of the hand rims in one hand and push them at the exact same time. This works for both the forward and the backward motions. Turning the wheelchair requires you to push harder either hand rim depending on which side the hand rims are on and which way you need to move.

There are two different styles of a double hand rim one arm drive. The most common one is known as the bar type one arm drive. It has a scissor-like mechanism that stays on your wheelchair even when folded.

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