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Smart Safety Auto-Reset Fall Prevention Monitor with Adjustable Tone, Volume and Delay for Bed, Chair and Floor Mats

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Smart Safety Auto-Reset Fall Prevention Monitor with Adjustable Tone, Volume and Delay for Bed, Chair and Floor Mats
Product Details
                                     FOR USE WITH
                   Floor Mats • Pressure Pads • Seat Belts
This Smart Fall Alarm functions with bed fall alarm pressure pads, chair fall alarm pressure pads, floor mat fall alarms, or seat belt fall alarms with both an audible and visual alert. This model features a Safety Auto-Reset, no On/Off Switch, a Nurse Call input plug, adjustable volume, three different alarm tones, and a programmable 0-2 second delay. Fall Monitor ships with the Caregiver Key™ (patent pending), which can allow only the caregiver to turn off the alarming fall monitor, making it TAMPER PROOF!  
NOTE: The caregiver must turn the switch from “Reset ON” to “Caregiver Key™ on” in order for the monitor to be completely tamper proof.
Reset button is the only button on the monitor and if pressed it automatically resets monitor
Monitor is always "ON" with no "On/Off" switch to worry about
Plugs into Nurse Call Light System
Volume, tone and delay settings are all adjustable internally making this monitor tamper proof
Delay switch. 0-2 second delay compensates for normal amount of movement
Three different tone options
Audible and visual alert
"T" shaped strain relief reduces damage from pulled cords
Operates by 9V battery and has an optional AC adapter
Comes with protective boot, steel mounting bracket and adjustable strap for easy mounting to almost any surface or object
Stainless steel mesh protects the large acoustic speaker
Battery cover with screw lockdown
Can be configured for use with a Central Monitoring Unit that monitors up to 999 residents.
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