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Ring Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Part's Inflatable Ring Cushion is the perfect solution to your ring cushion needs. Our Rubber inflatable ring cushion allows for the most comfort

Inflatable Ring Cushion

Our cushions come with a special valve design so it is easily inflated & the top quality rubber to ensure the inflation stays. You'll never find a whole in our ring cushions due to the top quality rubber used when it is made. This style of cushion has a variety of uses as well as just being a great wheelchair or seat cushion. This cushion can be applied to any commode chair to make it more comfortable. Most wheelchair & seat cushions cannot be applied to a commode chair due to its flat design but the comfortable inflatable ring cushion can be applied to any style of commode chair.

Our vinyl cushion is made out of heavy duty vinyl to ensure no wholes get put into this style of inflatable ring cushion as well. This material is hard to puncture with average to heavy use and will be a long lasting cushion in any condition.
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